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#1 2007-12-29 17:40:40

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Middle School Mathematics - VII

1. Factorize the following using the expansion formulaes:-
(a) x²+12x+36

(b) x²-12x+36

(c) 9x²+30x+26

(d) 25x²-70xy+49y²

2. Factorize by splitting the middle term:-
(a) x²+9x+20

(b) x²+x-20

(c) x²-3x-10

(d) 6x²-x-2

3.Factorize the following expressions:-

(a) x²-4x-77

(b) 5x²-19xy+18y²

(c) 4x²-5xy-9y²

4. Simplify:-






5. Find the quotient and remainder, if any, when

is divided by (x-2).

6. The area of a square is 4x²-12x+9. Find the perimeter of the square in terms of x.

7. Using division, state whether (x-3) is a factor of x²+2x-15.

8. Solve:-

9. Solve:-

10. Solve:-

11. The sum of two numbers is 5040. If 10% of one number is equal to 8% of the other number, find the numbers.

12. One of the angles of a triangle is equal to the sum of the remaining two angles. If the ratio of thse two angles is 4:5, find the angles of the triangle.

13. Stephen and Neil can together finish a piece of work in 10 days. Stephen alone can do it in 15 days.

14. A, B, and C together can complete a work in 8 days. A and B can do the same work separately in 20 days and 24 days respectively. In how many days can C complete the work alone?

15. Two inlet pipes fill up the swimming pool in 10 hours and 15 hours respectively. An outlet pipe can empty the pool in 8 hours. If all the pipes are turned on together, in how much time will the empty pool be filled up completely?

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