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#126 2006-12-02 05:52:04

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Re: Languages; What Are Yours?

um actually...

in ff7(which i played when i was 5 then stopped for years then finished at 9 years old(i was smart even then)) sepiroth is the song of jenova and one of the best swordsman and SOILDERS soilder there was. cloud was his partner in the missions but sepiroth went mad and destroyed everything once he found out his mother was jenova and he had the blood of an ancient. so then he also hated cloud because his ancestors were his enemies. so then  he used cloud to give him the black materia then used jenovas body parts to make huge monsters like jenove-life. anyway in end cloud kills sepiroth and cloud remembers some of his past.

in kh1 i think what happened is that hades found cloud with his memory lost and made a deal with him. if cloud killed hercules then he would restore his memories. so then yadayadayada he did it but then hades didnt do his part. then sora comes along and beats hades up. (i dont have kh1 but i have khcom and kh2)

in kh2 cloud says'sepiroth is the dark of me'
and then after u kill the final boss sepiroth appears at radiant garden lmao which is earlier called hallow bastion. he appears like in advant children with black wings and his famour sword the 'masamune' and yes i know im a game addic but its also educational

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#127 2006-12-19 01:38:46

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Re: Languages; What Are Yours?

I am a Chinese ,to be more precise , I am a Cantonese speak both Mandarin and Cantonese of course~ ~lol ,  I am learning Engish ,Norwegian now ~

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#128 2006-12-19 01:59:57

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Re: Languages; What Are Yours?

Hmm, my mum's chinese and my dad's german. I'm only learning mandarin at the moment. On my languages to learn list in approximate order are:

Sigh... wouldn't it be easier if we all spoke one universal language?


#129 2006-12-19 02:19:01

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Re: Languages; What Are Yours?

MathsIsFun wrote:

I went shopping in Peshawar once! I have also been to Rawalpindi and Lahore.

I recall going to a town near the Khyber pass called Landikotal. We travelled to the Afghan Border and I stepped over the border for a few seconds smile

All I remember of Urdu is things like pani (water), acha (ok), jeldi (quickly), and a few others.

Acha. Pani jeldi! (kidding, but it's not a good joke)

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#130 2006-12-19 19:56:39

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Re: Languages; What Are Yours?

Good Co9mbo

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