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#1 2007-02-16 23:18:50

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Mensuration Ex.1

Mensuration Ex.1

1. A rectangle of sides 8 cm and 10cm is folded to form a cylinder in two different ways. What is the volume of the bigger cylinder?

2. A hollow cylinder is made up of 792 of material. If the height of the cylinder is 9 cm and its external diameter is 16 cm, what is its thickness?

3. The total surface area of a cone is 704 Yje radius of the base is 7 cm. What is its volume?

4. A solid cylinder of brass 8 cm. high and 4 cm. in diameter is melted and recast into a cone of diamter 3 cm. Find the height of the cone.

5. A solid metal sphere of radius .4 cm. is dropped into a cylindrical can containing water. The base diameter of the can is 8.2 cm. Find the rise in level of water (closest mm).

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#2 2016-02-23 06:08:11

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Re: Mensuration Ex.1

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