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#1 2012-05-09 19:29:13

Registered: 2012-05-08
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Find the unit tangent vector T(t)

r(t) = ((4cost)^3, (4sint)^3)  for -pi<=pi

i tried just finding T(t) by using r'(t)/|r'(t)| but i keep getting a giant mess which is no good given i have to find the normal vector and curvature later. Please help.


#2 2012-11-18 18:38:57

sameer mishra
Registered: 2010-08-27
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Re: Find the unit tangent vector T(t)

i am having one idea i.e first obtain locus of above coordinate system

x^2/3  +y^2/3=16 now obtain dy/dx for this curve that comes out to be -tan(t)

now obtain equation of tangent to this curve

but what i understand that you want to apply concept of gradient in above problem but that always gives equation of normal


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