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#1 2006-06-03 09:13:30

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Barber Shop

A man tells his friend: "Watch this, I want you to see how stupid my son is!"

He calls over his son and says:

"I need you to run down to the barber shop to see if I'm there, and then come back and let me know."

"Sure, dad," the boy says as he runs out the door.

Down on the street, the boy runs into his friend, and tells him:

"You wouldn't believe how stupid my father is. He just asked me to run down to the barber shop to see if he's there. What a dope! All he had to do would have been to pick up the phone, call the barbershop, and ask!"

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#2 2006-06-03 09:42:19

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Re: Barber Shop

haha, nice one smile

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#3 2006-06-27 01:29:48

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Re: Barber Shop

very nice!

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