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#1 2006-02-24 03:14:08

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Mathematical proof 2=1

I found something very interesting, a mathematical proof showing that 2=1. It"s here:

And I think I already know where is the problem...


#2 2006-02-24 03:56:31

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Re: Mathematical proof 2=1

a = b, so a - b = 0.  And we all know what happens when you divide by 0, don't we?

"In the real world, this would be a problem.  But in mathematics, we can just define a place where this problem doesn't exist.  So we'll go ahead and do that now..."


#3 2006-02-24 03:57:36

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Re: Mathematical proof 2=1

Good, you know where the problem lies up
Since a=b, a-b=0 and zero cannot be divided by the Left-hand side and the Right-hand side of an equation, no can zero can be cancelled on both the sides. This may result in absurd conclusions like 10=100, 500=1000 etc.
Only when the the two sides of an equation are divided by a non-zero entity, can they be equal.

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