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#1 2009-09-23 09:15:59

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New England Advice


. . . . New England Wisdom

I lived in Vermont for a number of years.
The folks there have their own sense of humor
mostly at the expense of us out-of-staters.

"Say, old timer, how do I get to Burlington?"
"If I was goin' to Burlington, I wouldn't start from here."

"Can I take this road to White River Junction?"
"Don't matter to me if you do."

"What's the fastest way to get to Montpelier?"
"Are you walkin' or drivin'?"
"That would be the fastest way.l"

You know you're in trouble when you hear:
"You go down this road a mile ... a good mile ...
go past the Johnson place,
turn right where the old schoolhouse usta be,
then turn left a mile before the bridge . . ."

"Lived here all your life?"
"Not yet."



#2 2009-09-23 18:41:48

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Re: New England Advice

LOL!!:lol: Nice, soroban!

People don't notice whether it's winter or summer when they're happy.
~ Anton Chekhov
Cheer up, emo kid.


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