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#1 2009-08-03 16:34:07

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Anatomy lecture

This allegedly happened at a university in Scotland in the 1930's.

The professor was asking questions of his class.
"What part of the male anatomy increases to six times its size when excited?"
He paused, then said, "Miss MacTavish?"

"Professor," she said, "I'll not be answerin' that sort of question!"

"I see," said the professor. "Mr. MacDougal?"

"The pupil of the eye, sir," said MacDougal.

"Thank ye, Mr. MacDougal," said the professor.

"Now, Miss MacTavish, I know three things about you.
One: ye dinna do your homework.
Two: ye have a dirty turn of the mind.
And Three: you're in for a big disappointment."


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