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Nursery Rhymes for Engineers - 2

. . . . . . . . Nursery Rhymes for Engineers - 2

A research team proceeded toward the apex of a natural geologic proturberance,
the purpose of their expedition being the procurement of a sample of fluid hydride
of oxygen in a large vessel, the exact  capacity of which was unspecified.

One member of the team precipitantly descemded sustaining severe
fractural damage to the upper cranial portion of his anotomical structure.
Subsequently, the second member of the team performed self-rotational
translations oriented in the direction taken by the first team member.

A young male human was situated near the intersection
of two supporting structural elements at right angle to each other;
said subject was involved in ingesting a sacchrine composition prepared
in conjunction with the ritual observance of an annual fixed-day religious festival.

Insertion into the saccrine composition of the apposable digit of his forelimb
was followed by removel of a drupe of the genus Prunus.
Subsequently the subject made a declarative statement regarding
the high quality of his character as a young male human.

A human female of anile disposition established occupancy in a structure
originally designed for encasement of the end part of a human leg.
The plurality of descendants of the subject was of a nature to cause
continual perplexity and misjudgment on the part of said subject.

Amelioration of the prevailing conditions was effected by furnishing
the descendents with a repast consisting of a light gruel unaccompanied
by solid wheaten material, followed by administration of severe
flagellation prior to commital to nocturnal repose.

A geiatose human female proceeded to a storage compartment for the purpose
of procuring a fragment of osseous tissue from an unidentified specimen to transfer
to an indigent carnivorous domesticated animal, Canis familiaris, family Canidae.

Upon arrive at her destination, the subject found the storage compartment
is a denuded condition, with the consequence that the indigent carnivore
was deprived of the intended donation.

A triumvirate of murine rodents totally devoid of ophthalmic acuity was observed
in a state of rapid locomotion in pursuit of an agriculturalist's uxorial adjunct.

Said adjunct then performed a triple caudectomy utilizing an accurately-honed
bladed instrument generally used for subdivision of edible tissue.

The female member of the highest order of a ruling house
designated by a cardiod symbol was engaged in the preparation
of a plurality of small edible crusted saccharine elements
at a time midway between the vernal and autumnal equinoxes.

A male of lower order of said ruling house, given to rascality
in behavior, performed an unlawful surreptitious removal
of said crusted elements to an undetermined destination.



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