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Nirsery Rhymes for Engineers - 1

. . . . . . . . Nursery Rhymes for Engineers - 1

A female of the Homo Sapiens species was the possessor
of a small immature ruminant of the genus Ovis,
the outermost covering of which reflected all wavelengths of visible light
with a luminosity equal to that of a mass of naturally occuring
microscopically crystalline water.

Regardless of the transitional pathway
chosen by the Homo Sapiens female,
there was a 100% probability that
the forementioned ruminant would select the same pathway.

A human female, extreme captious and given to opposed behavior,
was questioned as to the dynamic state of her cultivated tract of land
used for production of various types of flora.

The tract components were enumerated as:
. . argentous tone-producing agents,
. . a rare species of oceanic growth,
. . and pulchritudinous young females situtated in a linear orientation

A male human of undetermined age and desginated
by an alliterative epithet with connotations of edible materials,
offered osculatory attentions to an undesignated number of
young human females, resulting in lacrymatory responses by said females.

Subsequent emergence of the females from their indoor confinement
with intentions of recreational activity
was accompanied by the precipitant self-conveyance
of the male subject from the vicinity.

A young female, not in a state of wedlock,
occupied a small supportive structure,
simultaneously undertaking consumption of nutriments comprising:
. . (a) the coagulated portion of lactic fluid
. . (b) the aqueous residue of conagulated lactic fluid.

The unforseen approach of an arachnid followed
by establishment of the arachnid upon the supportive structure
in close proximity to the subject caused severe trauma in said subject,
resulting in rapid self- translation of the subject from the environs.

Complications arose during an investigation of dietary influences,
one researcher was unable to assimilate adipose tissue,
and another was unable to consume tissue consisting chiefly of muscle fiber.

By a reciprocal agreement between the two researchers,
total consumption of the viands under consideration was achieved,
thus leaving the original container of the viands devoid of contents.

A tirual chant concerning (a) a small British coin and (b) a small
pouch incorporated as an integral part of an item of clothing,
said pouch being charged to its full capacity of a hardy cereal grain,
preceded the preparation of a baked crusted nutritive composition
comprising 24.00 avian creatures of the species Turdus merula.

Upon termination of the close state of said crusted composition,
the avian creatures commenced a melodic performance,
resulting in the entire composition being considered of a choice nature
befitting presentation to a personage of royal lineage.


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