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#1 Re: Ganesh's Puzzles » Doc, Doc! » Yesterday 23:37:24

Hi bobbym,

#535. Name the medical term :  A hemorrhage of blood between the skull and the periosteum of a newborn baby secondary to rupture of blood vessels crossing the periosteum. Because the swelling is subperiosteal its boundaries are limited by the individual bones, in contrast to a Caput succedaneum.

#2 Re: Ganesh's Puzzles » Doc, Doc! » Yesterday 16:58:08

Hi bobbym,

The Answer #533 'Epiglottis' is correct. Excellent!

#534. Name the medical term : A small vascular malformation of the gut. It is a common cause of otherwise unexplained gastrointestinal bleeding and anemia. Lesions are often multiple, and frequently involve the cecum or ascending colon, although they can occur at other places. Treatment may be with colonoscopic interventions, angiography and embolization, medication, or occasionally surgery.

#3 Re: Ganesh's Puzzles » General Quiz » Yesterday 01:40:29

Hi bobbym,

Good attempt (#5414), bobbym!

#5416. Name the unit of speed equal to one nautical mile (1.852 km) per hour, approximately 1.151 mph.It is a non-SI unit that is "accepted for use with the SI". Worldwide, the knot is used in meteorology, and in maritime and air navigation.

#5417. Name the metric (but not SI) unit of pressure exactly equal to 100000 Pa. It is about equal to the atmospheric pressure on Earth at sea level. It introduced by the British meteorologist William Napier Shaw in 1909, while he was the director of the Meteorological Office in London.

#4 Re: Ganesh's Puzzles » Doc, Doc! » Yesterday 01:15:52

Hi bobbym,

#533. Name the medical term : A flap that is made of elastic cartilage tissue covered with a mucous membrane, attached to the entrance of the larynx. It projects obliquely upwards behind the tongue and the hyoid bone, pointing dorsally. There are taste buds on it.

#5 Re: Ganesh's Puzzles » Oral puzzles » Yesterday 01:02:16

Hi bobbym,

The solution #2338 is correct. Neat work!

#2339. Find the slope of the straight line which is perpendicular to the straight line joining the points (-2,6) and (4,8).

#6 Re: Ganesh's Puzzles » 10 second questions » Yesterday 00:53:35

Hi bobbym,

#5405. Find the point of intersection of the straight lines 9x - y - 2 = 0 and 2x + y - 9 = 0.

#7 Re: Ganesh's Puzzles » Mensuration » Yesterday 00:02:29

Hi bobbym,

The solution M # 64 is correct. Excellent!

M # 65. A rectangular sheet of metal foil with dimensions 66 cm x 12 cm is rolled to form a cylinder of height 12 centimeters. Find the volume of the cylinder.


#8 Re: Ganesh's Puzzles » General Quiz » 2015-05-28 18:39:26

Hi bobbym,

The Answers #5413 and #5413 are correct. Marvelous!

#5414. Name the study of language in written historical sources; it is a combination of literary criticism, history, and linguistics. It is more commonly defined as the study of literary texts and written records, the establishment of their authenticity and their original form, and the determination of their meaning.

#5415.  Name the branch of astronomy concerned with the moon, its physical characteristics, nature, origin, etc

#9 Re: Ganesh's Puzzles » Oral puzzles » 2015-05-28 18:20:24

Hi bobbym,

The solution #2337 is correct. Neat work!

#2338. The slope of the line joining the points (3,-2) and (-1,a) is

. Then, find the value of 'a'.

#10 Re: Ganesh's Puzzles » 10 second questions » 2015-05-28 18:07:37

Hi bobbym,

The solution #5403 is correct. Good work!

#5404. If (1,2), (4,6), (x,6), and (3,2) are the verties of a parallelogram taken in order, then find the value of x.

#11 Re: Ganesh's Puzzles » Doc, Doc! » 2015-05-28 17:26:21

Hi bobbym,

#532. Name the medical term : Reduced ability to taste things (to taste sweet, sour, bitter, or salty substances). Causes of it include the chemotherapy drug bleomycin, an antitumor antibiotic as well as zinc deficiency. (The complete lack of taste is referred to as ageusia.)

#12 Re: Ganesh's Puzzles » Mensuration » 2015-05-28 17:04:10

Hi bobbym,

The solution M # 63 is correct. Neat work!

M # 64. The sum of the base radius and the height of a right circular cylinder is 37 centimeters. If the total surface area of the cylinder is 1628 square centimeters, then find the volume of the cylinder.

#13 Re: Ganesh's Puzzles » 10 second questions » 2015-05-28 01:33:21

Hi patvst,

The solution #5402 (3818 square centimeters) is correct. Excellent!

#5403. One year ago, a man was 8 times as old as his son. Now his age is equal to the square of his son's age. Find their present ages.

#14 Re: Ganesh's Puzzles » Oral puzzles » 2015-05-28 01:23:03

Hi bobbym,

The solution #2336 is correct. Excellent!

#2337. A two-digit number is seven times the sum of its digits. The number formed by reversing the digits is 18 less than the given number. Find the given number.

#15 Re: Ganesh's Puzzles » 10 second questions » 2015-05-28 00:56:05

Hi bobbym,

The solution #5401 is correct. Neat work!

#5402. Find the total area of 12 squares whose sides are 12 centimeters, 13 centimeters, ...... 23 centimeters respectively.

#16 Re: Ganesh's Puzzles » Doc, Doc! » 2015-05-28 00:29:55

Hi bobbym,

The Answer #530 (Oculomotor nerve) is perfect. Stupendous!

#531. Name the condition / medical term or phrase  : (DLE) A chronic skin condition of sores with inflammation and scarring favoring the face, ears, and scalp and at times on other body areas. These lesions develop as a red, inflamed patch with a scaling and crusty appearance. The center areas may appear lighter in color with a rim darker than the normal skin.

#18 Re: Ganesh's Puzzles » Doc, Doc! » 2015-05-27 17:44:23

Hi bobbym,

#530. Name the medical term / phrase : It is the third cranial nerve. It enters the orbit via the superior orbital fissure and controls most of the eye's movements, including constriction of the pupil and maintaining an open eyelid by innervating the levator palpebrae superioris muscle. It is derived from the basal plate of the embryonic midbrain.

#19 Re: Ganesh's Puzzles » General Quiz » 2015-05-27 17:28:23

Hi bobbym,

Excellent, bobbym! The Answer #5410 is correct.

#5412. Which chemical compound is Barytes, or barite?

#5413. Which chemical compound is  Glauber's salt?

#20 Re: Ganesh's Puzzles » Doc, Doc! » 2015-05-26 02:56:53

Hi bobbym,

The Answer #528 is perfect. Excellent!

#529. Name the medical term :  A common term used in anatomy to describe globular structures of entwined vessels, fibers, or neurons. It is the diminutive of the Latin glomus meaning "ball of yarn.".

#21 Re: Ganesh's Puzzles » Mensuration » 2015-05-26 02:38:24

Hi bobbym,

The solution  M # 62 is correct. Good work!

M # 63. The radius and height of a cylinder are in the ratio 5 : 7. If its volume is 4400 cubic centimeters,find the radius of the cylinder.

#22 Re: Ganesh's Puzzles » Doc, Doc! » 2015-05-25 17:26:38

Hi ShivamS and bobbym,

The Answer #527 : Cryostat.

Brilliant,  ShivamS!

#528. Name the medical term : The infection or the inflammation of the white matter or gray matter of the spinal cord which is a part of central nervous system that acts as a bridge between the brain and the rest of the body. During an inflammatory response in the spinal cord, the myelin and axon may be damaged causing symptoms such as paralysis and sensory loss.

#23 Re: Ganesh's Puzzles » Mensuration » 2015-05-25 17:03:06

Hi math9maniac and bobbym,

M # 62. Find the volume of the largest right circular cone that can be cut out of a cube whose edge is 14 centimeters?


#24 Re: Ganesh's Puzzles » Trigonometry » 2015-05-25 16:21:28


math9maniac wrote:

Dear ganesh, there is an error in the numbering of questions here, from page 6 to this 7. It begins from T#54 to 55 to 56 which you mistook for 65 and 66. Could you please check that? Thank you.

You are right! Thanks!

#25 Re: Ganesh's Puzzles » Mensuration » 2015-05-24 23:48:35

Hi bobbym and math9maniac,

bobbym and math9maniac : The solution M # 60 is correct. Good work!

math9maniac : I don't mind at all! I shall add more problems whenever I find time.

M # 61. The volume of a solid hemisphere is

cubic centimeters. Find its curved surface area.

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