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#1 Re: Exercises » Compute the solution: » Today 00:55:21

Hi bobbym,

The solution 5 is correct. Excellent!

7. Find the angle on inclination of the line passing through the points (1,2) and (2,3).

8. Compute :-


#2 Re: Ganesh's Puzzles » Oral puzzles » Today 00:34:28

Hi bobbym,

The solution #2121 is correct. Excellent!

#2122. Find the area of the quadrilateral whose vertices are (-1,6), (-3,-9), ((5,-8) and (3,9).

#3 Re: Ganesh's Puzzles » 10 second questions » Today 00:29:50

Hi bobbym,

The solution #5277 is correct. Fantastic!

#5278. The sum of first 10 terms of an Arithmetic Progression is 25 and the common difference is twice the first term. Find the 10th term.

#4 Re: Ganesh's Puzzles » General Quiz » Today 00:19:51

Hi bobbym,



The Answer #5294 (Compaction) is perfect. Excellent!

#5295. Name the term in Metallurgy : A metallurgical coating process in which a metal or alloy such as iron or steel is immersed in a powder of another metal, such as zinc, chromium, or aluminum, and heated to a temperature below the melting point of either. It is often employed to increase resistance to oxidation.

#5296. Name the Geological term : A sedimentary rock consisting primarily of calcium carbonate, often in the form of the minerals calcite or aragonite, and sometimes with magnesium carbonate in the form of dolomite. Minor amounts of silica, feldspar, pyrite, and clay may also be present. It can occur in many colors but is usually white, gray, or black. It forms either through the accumulation and compaction of fossil shells or other calcium-carbonate based marine organisms, such as coral, or through the chemical precipitation of calcium carbonate out of sea water.

#5 Re: Ganesh's Puzzles » Doc, Doc! » Yesterday 23:55:12

Hi bobbym,

Excellent, bobbym!

#299. Name the medical term :- Inflammation of the part of the throat behind the soft palate. It produces sore throat' and be associated with 'tonsilitis'.

#6 Re: Ganesh's Puzzles » English language puzzles » Yesterday 23:32:26

Hi bobbym,

The Answers #1509 and #1510 are prefect. Remarkable!

#1511. What does the adjective profane mean?

#1512. What does the adjective profligate mean?

#7 Re: Ganesh's Puzzles » Doc, Doc! » Yesterday 16:35:22

Hi Chris2,

#298. Name the medical term :- Inflammation of a finger or toe, causing swelling and pain.

#8 Re: Exercises » Compute the solution: » Yesterday 15:34:39


The solutions 3 and 4 are correct. Excellent!

5. Find the values of a and b if the polynomial is a perfect square.

6. If

are the square roots of
, then find p.

#9 Re: Ganesh's Puzzles » Oral puzzles » Yesterday 15:14:55

Hi bobbym,

The solution #2120 is correct. Brilliant!

#2121. The surface area of a sphere is 616 square centimeters. Find its diameter.


#10 Re: Ganesh's Puzzles » 10 second questions » Yesterday 15:09:22

Hi bobbym,

The solution #5276 is perfect. Exellent!

#5277. Simplify :


#11 Re: Ganesh's Puzzles » Doc, Doc! » Yesterday 15:01:51

Hi Chris2 and bobbym,

Marvelous, Chris2!

#297. Name the term in pathology : A progressive wasting of the body, occurring chiefly in young children and associated with insufficient intake or malabsorption of food.

#12 Re: Exercises » Compute the solution: » Yesterday 03:01:07

Hi bobbym,

The Solution '1' is correct. The solution '2' is 1.4 centimeters.


3. A girl of height 150 centimeters stands in front of a lamp post and casts a shadow of length

centimeters on the ground. Find the angle of elevation of the top of the lamp posr.

4. Find the sum of all the natural numbers between 400 and 600 which are divisible by 11.

(Solution 2 : Diameter = 1.4 centimeters).

#13 Exercises » Compute the solution: » Yesterday 01:12:21

Replies: 6

1. The sum of three terms of an Arithmetic Progression is -6 and their product is 90. Find the three terms.

2. A cylindrical jar of diameter 14 centimeters and depth 20 centimeters is half-full of  water. 300 leadshots of same size are dropped into the jar and the water level raises by 2.8 centimeters. Find the diameter of each leadshot.

#14 Re: Ganesh's Puzzles » English language puzzles » Yesterday 00:56:09

Hi bobbym,

The Answer #1507 is correct. Excellent!

#1509. What does the adjective primal mean?

#1510. What do the nouns primates  mean?

#15 Re: Ganesh's Puzzles » General Quiz » Yesterday 00:39:59

Hi bobbym,

The Answer #5291 is correct. Neat job!

#5293. Name the Geological Science term : The consolidation of a loosely deposited sediment into a hard sedimentary rock.

#5294. Name the term in Geology : The process by which a sediment progressively loses its porosity due to the effects of loading. When a layer of sediment is originally deposited, it contains an open framework of particles with the pore space being usually filled with water. As more sediment is deposited above the layer, the effect of the increased loading is to increase the particle-to-particle stresses resulting in porosity reduction primarily through a more efficient packing of the particles and to a lesser extent through elastic compression and pressure solution

#16 Re: Ganesh's Puzzles » Oral puzzles » Yesterday 00:21:26

Hi bobbym,

The solution #2119 is correct. Good work!

#2120. If the circumference of the base of a solid right circular cone is 236 centimeters and its slant height is 12 centimeters, find its curved surface area.


#17 Re: Ganesh's Puzzles » 10 second questions » Yesterday 00:08:22

Hi bobbym,

The solution #5275 is correct. Brilliant!

#5276. Find the angular evevation (angle of elevation frm the ground level) of the Sun when the length of the shadow of a 30 meter long pole is


#18 Re: Ganesh's Puzzles » Doc, Doc! » 2014-11-24 23:58:19

Hi bobbym,

The Answer #295 is correct. Brilliant!

#296. Name the medical term :- The procedure of crushing a stone in the urinary bladder or urethra, a device that passes shock waves through a water-filled tub in which the patient sits. The resulting stone fragments are small enough to be expelled in the urine.

#19 Re: Ganesh's Puzzles » Oral puzzles » 2014-11-24 15:17:41

Hi bobbym,

The solution #2118 is perfect. Brilliant!

#2119. Find the equation of the straight line passing through the point (-2,3) with slope


#20 Re: Ganesh's Puzzles » 10 second questions » 2014-11-24 15:11:59

Hi bobbym,

The solution #5274 is correct.Stupendous!

#5275. Find the coordinates of the point which divides the line segment joining (-3,5) and (4,-9) in the ratio 1:6 internally.

#21 Re: Ganesh's Puzzles » Doc, Doc! » 2014-11-24 15:03:50

Hi bobbym,

The Answer #294 is correct. Marvelous!

#295. Name the Medical term :-  An acute, contagious viral disease, usually occurring in childhood and characterized by eruption of red spots on the skin, fever, and catarrhal symptoms. Also called rubeola.

#22 Re: Ganesh's Puzzles » Doc, Doc! » 2014-11-24 00:54:27

Hi bobbym,

The Answer #293 is correct. Neat work!

#294. Name the ailment :- Inflammation of the liver, caused by infectious or toxic agents and characterized by jaundice, fever, liver enlargement, and abdominal pain.

#23 Re: Ganesh's Puzzles » General Quiz » 2014-11-24 00:43:42

Hi bobbym,


is perfect. Excellent!

#5291. Name the term in Agriculture : The successive planting of different crops on the same land to improve soil fertility and help control insects and diseases.

#5292. name the Geographical term : A long and wide chain of mountains, especially the main mountain range of a large landmass. They can include the valleys, basins, rivers, lakes, plains, and plateaus between parallel chains of a single mountain system, or they can consist solely of a string of connected mountain peaks.

#24 Re: Ganesh's Puzzles » 10 second questions » 2014-11-24 00:22:22

Hi bobbym,

The solution #5273 is correct. Remarkable!

#5274. Multiply the following and write your answer in the lowest terms:-


#25 Re: Ganesh's Puzzles » Oral puzzles » 2014-11-24 00:13:36

Hi bobbym,

#2118. Find the sum of the series


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