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#1 2007-03-02 15:54:35

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Synthetic Division


well.. i need help from all of you.. hehe

actually i have to defense a certain topic.. and its synthetic division.

i have to answer these questions:

1. what is the purpose of the topic (synthetic division)?
2. who are the target reader? will it be used? (functionality/applicability)
4.what information is wanted? (informative)
5.What effects will this topic have in terms of efficiency?
6.what are the causes? is the situation local of general?

well.. hope you will help me answer this.. i gives me a headache! hehe

thanks in advance!
domo arigato!


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#2 2007-03-02 21:39:26

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Re: Synthetic Division

Gosh. It's late, but I'll have a go. (Sorry if some of my answers are snarky, but the questions are a bit redundant.)

1. Synthetic division is a quick way to perform polynomial division. It lets you determine the coefficients of the polynomial that will result from from dividing one polynomial into another.

2. Uh...Students? Math nerds? You? tongue

3. To perform polynomial division quickly. This is extremely useful for factoring higher order (degree 3 or more) polynomials, and can occasionally be useful for algebraically reducing some functions (those composed of a quotient of functions usually).

4. See 1.

5. Synthetic division is MUCH faster than polynomial long division, if you can remember how to do it (I never can; who factors polynomials by hand outside of algebra tests?).

6. Insufficient information to answer the question.

For more on synthetic division, see .

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