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Tricky Questions and Answers - 4

Q: Thanks to me, you can see straight through the wall. What am I?
A: A window.
* * *
Q: Which weighs more, a pound of feathers or a pound of bricks?
A: Neither. They both weigh exactly one pound.
* * *
Q: How can the pocket of your pants be empty, but still have something in it?
A: When the something is a hole.
* * *
Q: What has a thumb and four fingers but isn’t actually alive?
A: Your gloves.
* * *
Q: Imagine you’re in a room that’s filling up with water quickly. There are no windows or doors. How do you get out?
A: Stop imagining.
* * *
Q: Everyone in the world needs it, but they usually give it without taking it. What is it?
A: Advice.
* * *
Q: What can you hold without touching it at all?
A: A conversation.
* * *

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