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#1 2020-04-06 16:18:40

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General algorithm to solve puzzles like "A Brave Puzzle"

Hi all,

I'm kinda curious and don't know how to search for this;so you might answer. Is there a generic solutions for puzzles like "A Brave Puzzle"?
My solution seems to be bruteforce: I draw tables for each letter (except for B) where I mark which lines each can't be placed and starting with a letter which has smallest number of possibilities, I place them.

I guess same algorithm to solve sudoku can be applied here; but I am not sure.

My math level is not that high but i can follow; so feel free to answer however you like.


#2 2020-04-07 02:28:58

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Re: General algorithm to solve puzzles like "A Brave Puzzle"

This puzzle reminds me of something called a Latin Square

Another related idea is Exact Cover. According to Wikipedia:

Finding Pentomino tilings and solving Sudoku are noteworthy examples of exact cover problems. The n queens problem is a slightly generalized exact cover problem.

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