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#1 2019-06-02 11:12:51

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Hello Everyone! My name is Xavier. smile I am in 6th grade, and I am not that good at math. I recently took my math NWEA, and got a 233! (I'm shocked still).
But even after that, I still have no idea how to do the math that we're learning. (Note: I came from a mainly reading school, and then switched to a different one).
See, at the school i'm at, we do math a grade above our level, which me and my parents don't understand why. And now, we're doing square roots. I just found out about mathisfun after I was searching up "Best ways to remember multiplication" at school. After that, I fell in love with the website. I just found out about this forum now, and here I am now. That's all! big_smile


#2 2019-06-02 14:02:43

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Re: Introduction

Hi Xavier,

Welcome to the forum!

It is no good to try to stop knowledge from going forward. Ignorance is never better than knowledge - Enrico Fermi. 

Nothing is better than reading and gaining more and more knowledge - Stephen William Hawking.


#3 2019-06-02 18:35:17

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Re: Introduction

Hi Xavier

Great to hear from you.  You've come to the right place. There's loads of excellent teaching materials on the MathIsFun main site and you are welcome to ask for help here on the forum.


I'm from the UK so I don't know what a score of 233 means.

Children are not defined by school ...........The Fonz
You cannot teach a man anything;  you can only help him find it within himself..........Galileo Galilei
Sometimes I deliberately make mistakes, just to test you!  …………….Bob smile


#4 2019-06-02 22:58:28

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Re: Introduction

Welcome, Xavier!


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