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#1 2022-11-01 01:29:38

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Which books are more worth it? AoPS or Lang's Books?

I want to study maths again and cover the gaps left in foundation since I graduated high-school 3 years ago(online learning did not go well at all).

I've mostly heard of the AoPS books(the general subject ones, not the competition ones) and Lang's Basic Mathematics and Geometry textbook. But I'm not sure which ones to choose.

AoPS books are larger and I'd guess go more into detail into many of the topics, from algebra to precalculus, yet they are insanely expensive if I want to buy more than two and due to not living in the US, buying them one by one is expensive as well due to import tax and shipping. On the other hand I've found Basic Mathematics online for free, and it seems to cover literally everything from introductory algebra and geometry to some subjects we don't even take much of in school, and the geometry book seems awesome as well(I just like geometry).

Are the AoPS books worth it? Will they teach me something Lang won't? Or should I just stick to Lang and then go on to more advanced things later on?

I'd appreciate any advice you can offer.
Thank you for your time.


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