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#1 2020-09-03 07:36:47

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Help me with geometry please!

For #1-7, calculate the area for each of the polygons described below. Round answers to the nearest hundredth and remember to include the unit of measure.
- For #3, 4, and 5, divide the polygon into triangles as shown in the lesson.
- You must show the work for any values not provided in the problem, including the height for the triangles in #1, 3, 4, and 5.
- Do not use formulas from other sources.
1. An equilateral triangle with a side of 1 inch
2. A square with a side of 2 feet 
3. A regular pentagon with a side of 3 centimeters
4. A regular hexagon with a side of 10 cm
5. A regular heptagon with a side of 7 inches.
6. A trapezoid where the height is 18 cm, base 1 = 16 cm and b2 = 8 cm.
7. A trapezoid where the height = 7 mm, base 1 = 26 mm and base 2 = 9 mm.

For #8 and #9, fill in the missing information for the following trapezoids. SHOW YOUR WORK to solve for the missing value.
height = 19.8 cm
b1 = ________
b2 = 14.4 cm
area = 401.94 cm2

height = ________
b1 = 20 cm
b2 = 21 cm
area = 205 cm2

10. If the area of a parallelogram is 690.84 m2 and the height is 20.2 m, what is the length of the base?
11. If the base of a rectangle is 28 cm and the area is 588 cm^2, what is the height of the rectangle?
12. What is the area of a parallelogram with height 26 cm, base 16 cm, and side length 28 cm? 
13. What is the area of this polygon?  Show all of your calculations.

ls_XF    =    53 mm    ls_XV    =    72 mm    ls_VR    =    16 mm
ls_FB    =    31 mm    ls_BT    =    31 mm    ls_EU    =    47 mm
ls_UL    =    31 mm    ls_TL    =    88 mm    ls_DE    =    16 mm
ls_RM    =    70 mm    ls_MC    =    21 mm    ls_DC    =    70 mm

14. What is the area of this rectangle?  Show all of your work.

15. What is the area of this polygon?  Show all of your work.


#2 2020-09-03 20:44:12

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Re: Help me with geometry please!

hi isabella.bueso

Welcome to the forum.

I'm happy to help students where they are having difficulty with a topic in maths but, if you read the page about what to do before you post you'll understand that we don't just do your homework for you.

This worksheet has been posted before.  The company that makes these worksheets doesn't like it's copyright being abused by  postings on the public forums.

There's no diagrams.  What chance do I have helping with questions that are meaningless without the diagram.

When I am teaching a class, I know the past history so I know what they already know and where they might struggle, so I can target my teaching approach more usefully.

If you really cannot do any of this sheet then you need to get back to your teachers and ask for more lessons.

So, if you want my help, please say

(1) What can you do on this topic. 

(2) Show what you have tried already.

(3) Be specific about what you are finding difficult.


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Sometimes I deliberately make mistakes, just to test you!  …………….Bob smile


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