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#1 2005-08-17 04:05:33

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Englishes is fun

I suppose to say "Maths" is a British thing...

Anyway, I'm starting to get hooked on this place, so I guess I'll post here.

I found this place by searching for "Math forum" on google.

I quit high school in the middle of my junior year. I couldn't take the madness anymore. Maybe schools in the UK are better...

In "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Calculus" (a wonderful book for fools like me), the author mentions in an aside that that horrific abomination of notation, the quadratic formula, had been created by completing the square on the general quadratic equation, ax² + bx + c. I decided to try it, it worked, and I was exhilarated. That's when I found out I don't hate math after all--I just hate math textbooks and the way it's usually taught.

I'm currently a Chemical Engineering student at Brigham Young University in Utah, so I better figure this math thing out quick before it figures me. My dream is to make a dent in our dependence on on oil.

Se habla español, también. wink Ya que saben algo de mi, dejo de escribir para que pueda yo hacer trabajo real.

El que pega primero pega dos veces.


#2 2005-08-17 09:55:56

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Re: Englishes is fun

LOL !  Maths/Physics/Economics or Math/Physic/Economic ?  I guess we can blame the Greeks for calling it Mathematikos. That's my guess, anyway - the greeks have an s at the end, we keep the s and think it means plural. Ah well ...

So, how is Utah? Nice place to be?

Mi español es muy pobre para la conversación sad

"The physicists defer only to mathematicians, and the mathematicians defer only to God ..."  - Leon M. Lederman


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