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Middle School Mathematics - XII

1. A rectangular grassy lawn measuring 38 meters by 25 meters has been surrounded externally by a 2.5 meter wide path. Calculate the cost of gravelling the path at the rate of $6.50 per square meter.

2. A saree 4.5 meter long and 1.2 meter wide hasa 25 centimeter wide border all around it on the inside. Find the cost of weaving the border at 15 Cents per square centimeter?

3. A 2 meter wide path runs along inside the boundary of a square field whose side measures 70 meters. The path is to be paved, and the rest of the field is to be manured. Find the total expenses involved if paving costs $4.50 per square meter and manuring costs 0.75 Cents per square meter.

4. A square lawn has a 2 meter wide path surrounding it. If the area of the path is 136 m², find the area of the lawn.

5. A 110 meter by 80 meter rectangular plot has two cross-roads each 4 meter wide running through its middle, one parallel to the length and the other parallel to the breadth. Find the total cost involved in cementing the roads at $15 per meter² and laying grass in the remaining part at $1.25 per meter².

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