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#1 2005-06-23 00:18:05



2 Things need help!!

Ok hello everyone and thanks for your time I need help with 2 things

1) how do u graph with a fraction in a equation, do I just use a table of values?
2) Word Problem : Kyle invested $20 000, part in bonds that paid 3% annum and the remainder in term deposits that paid 5 per annum.  The total interest after one year was $760.  How much did she invest at each rate?

Thanks for the help smile

#2 2005-06-23 00:56:17



Re: 2 Things need help!!

2) If Kyle put the whole of it into the 3% account, then she would get 20,000x3%=$600.
For however much she puts into the 5% account, she gets 5-3=2% more.
She got $760 and she gets $600 from the low rate, so she needs $160 more.
If it was all in the high rate account, she would get 20,000x2%=$400 more, but she only wants $160. (Don't know why, though)
This means that she puts 160/400=40% of her money, or $8,000, in the high account.

To summarise, $8,000 at 5% and $12,000 at 3%.
Sorry if I've just made this more complicated with my bad explanation.

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