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#1 2007-01-11 14:21:21

John E. Franklin
Star Member


Remembering names

I am bad at remembering names, so
I came up with this way to remember the
letters of a name by visualizing the
positions of the letters.  I have found
I can easily visualize eight beans in
an octagon, so then I partition the bean
into three parts to get 24 letters, which
I consider workable.

                /        G  F  E       \
               /                        \
              /    H                  D  \
             /    I                    C  \
            /    J                      B  \

           o                                 o
           o    K                        A  o
           o                                 o
           o    L                        X  o    Y    Z
           o                                 o
           o    M                       W  o

            \                               /
             \  N                      V  /
              \  O                    U  /
               \  P                  T  /
                \        Q  R  S       /
A = 15 degrees
B = 30 degrees
C = 45
D = 60
E = 75
F = 90 degrees
G = 105
H = 120
I = 135
J = 150
K = 165
L = 180 degrees
M = 195
N = 210
O = 225 degrees
P = 240
Q = 255
R = 270 degrees
S = 285
T = 300
U = 315 degrees
V = 330
W = 345 degrees
X = 360 degrees = 0 degrees
Above I mention the angles from the x-axis,
in case someone likes numbers around here!!

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igloo myrtilles fourmis

#2 2007-01-11 18:34:00

Super Member


Re: Remembering names

does that work for you?

I've never had trouble remembering names as i never knew many people. :-(

A logarithm is just a misspelled algorithm.

#3 2007-01-12 03:34:09

John E. Franklin
Star Member


Re: Remembering names

Well, the more I read, the better I get at remember names of people and medical terms, etcetera.
Sometimes, I use this method as an alternative to saying the word over and over.
It is not my primary method to remembering names, which is really just using regular old memory without a given method.
However, what usually happens so far is that I can remember a given geometrical
clue to a word, say a few days later, and can then try to figure out what the word was.
So far the implications are not well understood as to what I am accomplishing.
However, no pain, no gain.
I think if you work with 2-D or 3-D geometrical things in your head a lot, it probably helps you in other ways too.
For example, I can unscramble words puzzles in the newspaper in my head without paper and pencil sometimes,
and this may be do to constantly trying to imagine stuff in my head.
Bye now.

igloo myrtilles fourmis

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