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#1 2006-12-23 06:17:26

John E. Franklin
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Stereo Image Game - from Protein Explorer program

There are two ways to view a stereo image.
One is to make your eyes look parallel.
I call this "looking through the picture" or "looking far away".
This is the only way I can do it.
This is called divergent eyes I think.
Here is an example picture from Protein Explorer database on web.
Protein Explorer is a little hard to set up, but a lot of fun when you get it working.
It works with Mozilla after you download MDL chime plug-in, (MDL?spelling?)

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igloo myrtilles fourmis

#2 2006-12-23 06:22:24

John E. Franklin
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Re: Stereo Image Game - from Protein Explorer program

Now some people like to go cross-eyed instead where
the eyes are looking a point in front of the stereo image.
I can't control this well enough, so I don't do it this way.
But here is an example for those who like "convergent eyes"
for stereo images.  I can't check this one, but I assume
it works because it looks unrealistic if you do it the parallel way,
sort-of semi-3-d, but messed-up, like an Estsher staircase or something.
I put in the black box and the red/black checker so you can try to
line them up to get to started.

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igloo myrtilles fourmis

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