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#1 2006-11-25 00:49:40

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Areas and Volumes (Moderate difficulty)

*Problems uploaded as JPEGs at the bottom of this post*

So, these are actually harder than the thread title says (sorry). These are all solid geometry problems.

If you want, answer all in exact simplified form before finding the decimal approximation.
Accuracy is key.

(If question 3 is too much of a pain don't attempt it)

I'll be uploading more soon.

Uploaded Images
View Image: 1jpeg.JPG View Image: 2jpeg.JPG View Image: 3.JPG View Image: 4.JPG
View Image: 5.JPG View Image: 6.JPG    

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#2 2006-11-25 20:38:37

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Re: Areas and Volumes (Moderate difficulty)

Ok, firstly, these answers are not complete *YET*. This means two things,
a) Don't expect to find everything here
b) Until they are thoroughly checked, *RELY ON THEM AT YOUR OWN RISK*


Thanks for the corrections Kurre, I had a feeling I was wrong. I've resubmitted Q.2 with different values.

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#3 2006-11-27 05:40:03

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Re: Areas and Volumes (Moderate difficulty)

very nice exercises, altough i get a different answer on problem 1a.

edit: i get way different answers on number 2 too, but i guess i maybe missunderstood it...

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