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#1 2005-05-08 23:45:55

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Here's some Calculus!

How do I differentiate At^b * e^c?

Where t is the variable, e is euler's number and A, b and c are all constants.  I'm pretty sure I should be able to be able to simplify it to t = b/c or something like that.

Please Help!!!


#2 2005-05-09 00:46:34

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Re: Here's some Calculus!

Hmmm ... if you treat (A*e^c) as a constant, call it "f" then you have:

f t^b

which is easily differentiated as

f t^b ln(b)

(derivative of a^x = a^x ln a)

There may be something special with your formula that I am not aware of, though!

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