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#1 2022-02-13 23:08:21

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Who in the end puts order in society?

When you have a group of people and you give them money, but also it happens that there are no laws that this group of people follows specifying how violence plays out, so that violence isn't the law in the group, then people in the group follow violence, and whoever masters violence, this one in the group people follow and then people built an economy around this one, regardless who you want to give money to, but regardless how violence in the group plays out, and...

regardless of the time...people in the group want to play and have fun in their lives from their nature, or when people in the group don't want to have fun in their lives, then their lives are not fun, and then their lives are meaningless to them in reality, as nature doesn't seem to have a reason to make a not fun life meaningful over and over...and over in it wouldn't be really funny for the one living such a life, would it really?

At the moment of birth of one of the people in the group, another one from the group has to be there, meaning another one has to be there to give birth to one, and another one is free after giving birth to kill one, but that doesn't make sense for another one to do at that moment, as the nature of another one is to want to raise one, and one has to understand, that regardless the nature of another one, nature's law is another one is really free to kill one, at the moment of birth.

When you have a group of people where violence is the law, over and over and over in time, in order for this group to sustain all the violence in reality, some are needed to give birth to the ones to commit violence from their nature, and some are needed to do that so that there are some still left, after all the violence is committed, and that is by some deciding together who is not fun in the group, so that the rest in the group show to the ones who commit violence against the will of the ones who can give birth from their nature how...

...MAMA in the end puts order.

1.My Friend, you want the rest from the rest?
2.Ask the rest for the rest, and you will get the rest.
3.Why are you bothering, the rest of us?


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