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#1 2021-08-23 01:18:04

From: Buckinghamshire, England
Registered: 2021-08-22
Posts: 5

Why are you delting my advertisement people?

I am writing adverts and you people delete it. WHY? I MEAN IT, WHY?

admin: The MIF sites are funded by paying sponsors.  Free adverts without permission undermine that funding and put the websites at risk.

When someone joins they are asked to agree to the forum rules.  I have changed the company website  to the forum rules link so these can be easily read and understood.

It's just a matter of courtesy and consideration.  This site is for mathematicians and not for free-loaders. ... Bob


#2 2021-08-23 02:44:11

From: Kingdom Of Jabah013.307
Registered: 2021-07-05
Posts: 165

Re: Why are you delting my advertisement people?

Because you are advertising! I have been noticing this too without logging in! I feel so bad for ganesh! He was the one who deleted them! Thank him! You may be banned if this happens again!

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