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#1 2006-07-17 18:26:50

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Basic Ratio and Proportion

10) Ratio and Proportion Excercises

A few, easy ratio and proportion-type problems here. None of them are too tricky.

1. If three apples cost 45p, how much would five apples cost?
2. Steven buys 7 similar books for a total of £8.40. How much would he pay for just 3 books?
3. Simplify the ratio 45:20.
4. Sam is 16 years old. His sister is 24 years old. What is the ratio of Sam's age to his sister's age? Give your answer in its simplest form.
5. A map scale is 1:20000. A distance on the map is measured to be 5.6cm. What is the actual distance in real life? Give your answer in metres.
6. A recipe for vegetable curry needs 300 grams of rice, and it feeds 4 people. How much rice would be needed for 7 people?
7. £60 is to be divided between Brian and Kate in the ratio 2 : 3. How much does Kate get?

Questions 8 - 10 refer to a necklace of which you can see 2 white beads, three black beads next to those, 2 white beads next to the black beads and 3 black beads next to the 2 white beads.

8. What is the ratio of white beads to black beads, in its simplest form?
9. How many white beads would be needed to go with 24 black beads?
10. The necklace uses 75 beads altogether. How many of these are black beads?

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#2 2018-03-25 20:13:15

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Re: Basic Ratio and Proportion

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