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#1 2008-08-31 05:45:41

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I'm trying to get better with maths. The main things i'm not as good at is Remainders when dividing and sums like these, i don't know the names for them, if someone does, get bk to me.  I think here, your supposed to times the 4 (of the 64) by the 8, then the 6, then the other 6, then the 2. then on the second row you always put a zero a for some reason. Then you would times the 6 (of the 64) by the 8, then the 6, the other 6, then the 2. And put all that on the 2nd row. The your add up the two row's together and put it in the final row at the bottom. Anyone heard of this? Coz i'm really rubbish at it.

Here's an example...




#2 2008-08-31 06:07:11

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Re: Help

There are many ways to evaluate this kind of calcul:
1.First   multiply 4X8,than 4X6,4X6 and 4X2
and then get one column under the numbers you wrote,and start again with the 6 but just one place into the left.
And then just do the sum of the two columns
2.Here is another example
If you want to evaluate this calcul do like this:
2668X10=26680 now 26680X3=80040

and than do the substraction of all the results you had,do like this: 266800-80040-16008=170752 and this is the result of multiplying 2668 by 64!!!!!!!
Do you understand how to do it????

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#3 2017-06-01 16:08:42

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Re: Help

Ummm... If I may say, those multiple punctuation might discourage people who want to learn math. You sound like an impatient teacher.

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