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#1 2014-05-17 10:45:22

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reflection symmetry

I have a practical problem for you, it will be fun to see if you can solve it.I have a motor home and sometimes when I look in the side rear view mirrors, I see what is on the opposite side. This has caused problems as you could guess. There is a window behind the drivers seat that is parallel with the windshield (it is part of a section that slides out to make more room)and I thought that it was causing the reflections. However, when I covered that window with a flat black fabric I still see the reflection??? Any ideas? Thanks, Frank


#2 2014-05-18 05:59:29

bob bundy
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Re: reflection symmetry

hi FrankH

Welcome to the forum!

Interesting.  smile  First I need to ask some questions:

Below is a diagram.


I've assumed a LH drive vehicle even though I'm from the UK.  Obviously we could 'flip it around' to RH drive if you prefer.

(1) Is this diagram roughly correct?

(2)  So you look in mirror 1 and see things that are in position Y?

(3)  Is this a puzzle which you have solved and are now posing for us, or are you still seeking an explanation?

(4)  When you see something in mirror 1 that is actually at Y, is the image inverted or the right way round?


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