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#26 2014-03-15 05:04:25

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Re: Integrals

bob bundy wrote:

integral of cot(x)= -cosec^2(x)+c


Where did that come from?


ganesh wrote that in his list of formula's just check it once.. you will find my question and i don't think i misunderstood integration for differentiation. if you can show me how is it that we have two formulas for the integration of same function i would appreciate that alot

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#27 2014-03-15 05:51:58

bob bundy
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Re: Integrals

I've looked back.  Do you mean in post 2?

I think that is an error and so is the integral of tan next to it.  I have temporarily hidden them while I get a second opinion.  If you look further down the list you will see the same functions again, but this time the correct way round.


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