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#1 2013-06-23 23:32:05

Struan Bickerton

Calculation formula required to help with a price list. Is it possible

Hi Folks. I sincerely hope someone will be able to help me with a maths calculation problem.

I need to create a comprehensive price list for vinyl labels that I make and sell. So effectively a price break depending on label size and quantity. I want to create a price list that reduces the overall selling price of the square meter area of material used as the label size increases. So for example (minimum size) x100qty 13mmx13mm labels (+3mm bleed)  will use 0.02 M2 of material (approx).  -  (maximum size) x100qty 195mmx281mm labels (+3mm bleed)  will use 5.8 M2 of material (approx). I want to be able to enter any dimension HxW (between those min and max sizes) so that the area is caIculated. This then can be used to calculate the price between a minimum and a maximum square Meter price depending on the label size.

So the smaller the label the higher the price per M2 - The larger the label the lower the price per M2.
I need the square meter measurement of the label to be the sum that calculates an increase or decrease (%) between the minimum and maximum prices per M2.

I would also like to be able to add in my material cost per M2 so that prices adjust automatically if I change my material choice / cost price. 
I would also like to be able to enter a minimum charge amount, so that my minimum fee is always accounted for.

Once the above is done I can then do a quantity price breakdown of any label size. x100 / x250 / x500 / x1000 / x2000 / x3000 / x4000 / x5000. These would be calculated by a percentage reduction of the first 100 qty. So effectively the more labels you order the cheaper the label (or square meter price) reduces overall.

If any body can help I can provide more information and a chart of what I am trying to accomplish which may help to demonstrate what I need to do.
Many thanks, Struan Bickerton.

#2 2013-06-23 23:46:28

bob bundy
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Re: Calculation formula required to help with a price list. Is it possible

hi Struan Bickerton

Welcome to the forum.

There's a lot of factors there to consider but all should be achievable.

The 'negative' weighting factor for price / sq m between limits could be achieved by a suitable function, maybe a straight line variation or even something more complicated.  Or you could create a 'look-up table' for weighting factors. 

In your position, I'd load up my spreadsheet software and create a sheet that will do all the calculations.  Do you have such a program?

If so, you could start by entering in two columns a list of lengths and widths, then a column for unweighted cost just based on area, then invent a column for how much you'd like to weight that charge for different areas.  Faced with those figures I could look at what weighting would work. 


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#3 2013-06-23 23:57:07

Real Member
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Re: Calculation formula required to help with a price list. Is it possible

Maybe we can do an interpolation from the chart you have. If you want, you can post it.

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