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#1 2006-01-10 19:59:41

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Worksheet Contest

I am thinking of having a Worksheet Contest. smile

The winner of which gets the coveted title of [insert coveted title here] plus a [insert further incentive here].

This way we can "kick-start" the manual worksheets with lots of good quality material and have a bit of fun besides.

The Winner could be decided by the "visitor votes" which I have built into the worksheet system.  We could all vote on each other's worksheets, and I can log all votes so we can detect any (unlikely) cheating. And because the award is to the individual and not the worksheet, the more high-rated worksheets you create the better your score ... and being good mathematicians we can devise a fair way of tallying votes I am sure.

Anyway, this is just a hazy idea ... how would you guys like it to be?

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#2 2006-01-10 20:14:30

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Re: Worksheet Contest

Yes, great idea!

One vague idea would be instead of having one title, we have lots - most interesting, most complex, best idea, best picture etc etc. In a sense, it's good, because everyone can win, but also bad, because everyone can win. On the other hand, one title would be more competitive and that's kind of what we need (not really, just to get more worksheets). I think I'm repeating myself so I'll wait and see what other people think.

Other than that... let's go!


#3 2006-01-10 21:42:28

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Re: Worksheet Contest

A good idea, and a good suggestion by justlookingforthemoment! The contest should have a closing date for entries. Maybe, this can be done on a monthly basis smile

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