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STK Mental Math Game, try it!

superTmatik Mental Math Game is a mathematical card game played in schools since 2005.

Best known as "SUPER T", this mental math game has proven to successfully engage students in grades 1 through 9. The appealing game dinamics, graphics, "Super-Leters", "Super-Stars" and the five-level selector hold children’s attention. Since the first edition in March 2005, teachers use this mental math game as a tool to make math appealing and fun with excelent results.

In 2007 EUDACTICA publishers, created the International superTmatik Mental Maths Competition, a contest based in the superTmatik card game. This contest has become a key event in the teaching of mathematics. The central principle of this championship is for students to develop basic competence in mathematics from the beginning of their schooling through constructive play, interesting and involving them in it via a fun way of learning. The widespread adoption of this innovative educational game by schools, combining mental challenge and play, has been instrumental in overcoming traditional obstacles many students have in mathematics.

The main objectives of the championship are to: - promote interest in mental maths; - develop skills in number and mental maths; - reinforce the learning of mathematics through play; - discover and publicise talent in mental calculation.

The superTmatik deck consists of 54 cards, on the face of each card, there are ten maths calculations, which are identified by letters A - J. Letter A is always an addition, B is always a subtraction, C is an addition followed by a subtraction, and so on. On the reverse of each card are answers for the maths calculations on the front of the card; “Super-Letter” or “Super-Star”; a five-level selector. Players must try to work out the answers more quickly than their opponentto(to answer, you must call out SUPER T, and then give the answer)

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Re: STK Mental Math Game, try it!

superTmatik Mental Math Game, is fantastic! big_smile


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