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#1 2010-02-22 22:57:16

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The good news and the bad news, how preexistence became existence

The good news are that for about 27 years ago, in the speed of light I suppose, a singularity was produced in the universe, that had infinite dimensions, hence infinite frequency and turned preexistence into existence, by giving every factor a factor one, that is to say the last dimension.
1, also refered to as (-1)^2 or dimension one rased to infinity, perhaps even, spread in the speed of light from epicentrum most likely from a black hole the size of more then infinity. The light, that had extremely easy time to move through space, as any collition would've been infinitely strong, reincarnated every peace of rock in an incredible radius. If that light would collide with a preexistence called -1 probably would we all see yet another light, that would vaporise us allmost. Wherever that light is comming from, it must've now become very cold since all energy escaped.
However since the divine light fell over us and might explode, I suggest that we find the epicentrum to this wonderful thing that turned our mechanism into self revising noninterferationselfdestructivemechanism signless changeless knowing without changing it it's environment in doing so, kind of impossible mechanism that is 1, and tells us that we are simultaneously as knowing that they said it.

Now, a cold black hole is thirsty, but we must evacuate in warp speed all that are infinite in the opposite direction of that bang. and when it reach our galaxy center, it sure is gonna boom and we'll have a new big bang, not to mention that this time we will feel it.

I need every record on every inhabitated peace of land as to when this preexistence turned into existence. please leave a record. Questions or Answers?

I see clearly now, the universe have the black dots, Thus I am on my way of inventing this remedy...

#2 2010-02-23 04:39:08

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Re: The good news and the bad news, how preexistence became existence

So now I post the entire argument.

Imagine the factor one. Supposed to say that the imaginary axis would have to be raised to 4 to get it's properties.
Imagine that one is the highest dimension, and hence is in square itself which it is.
Imagine that one only can be created in a black hole and from an interference with the dimension ones forcefield
Imagine that if you have the dimension as well as the factor one you have a non changing perspective of any factor it is combined with,
Imagine then that the factor only can exist after it is interfered with the dimension ones forcefield.
Imagine that a result must be viewed in order for it to have been acknowledged, by a perspective that didn't change when it happened.
Imagine that if the perspective had changed when it happened, you wouldn't have experienced it at all
Imagine that the singularity formed for a while ago and it's dimension ones forcefield reached us 25 years ago
Imagine that we need to protect ourselves from the esplosion it yields
Imagine we need some sorta, infinitely strong shield.
Imagine that that explosion will be felt by us for real by a perspective that didn't change when it happened
Imagine that we now have become gods
Imagine that you don't even understand this when I am telling you it is so!

Imagine any other way of explaining it impossible.

I see clearly now, the universe have the black dots, Thus I am on my way of inventing this remedy...

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