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#1 2005-07-16 22:53:48

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Gas Cylinders

Twenty-one gas cylinders are to be loaded onto three trucks. Seven are full, seven are half-full and seven are empty. A full cylinder weighs 50kg and an empty cylinder weighs 20kg. How should they be loaded onto the trucks so that each truck is carrying the same weight?

(I found this while surfing, and haven't even solved it myself yet)

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#2 2005-07-16 23:16:54

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Re: Gas Cylinders

Its not very difficult, just think about it for a while.

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#3 2005-07-17 17:27:14

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Re: Gas Cylinders

Ist truck:-    3 full cylinders, 1 half-full and 3 empty
IInd truck:-  2 full cylinders, 3 half-full and 2 empty
IIIrd truck:- 2 full cylinders, 3 half-full and 2 empty

PS:- The Moderator may remove my reply if he/she wants it to be left open.

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