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Question Bank Age Group 14-15 - III

1. A bridge across a river makes an angle of 45 with the river bank. If the length of the bridge across the river is 150 meters, what is the width of the river?

2. If 4tanθ = 5, evaluate


3. The variance of 65 scores is 64. If each of them is divided by 2, find the Standard Deviation and Variance of the new scores.

4. A natural number less than or equal to 25 is chosen.  What is the probability that it is a multiple of 5?

5. Prove that the angle bisectors of the angles of a triangle are concurrent.

6. In triangle ABC, angle C is a right angle, P is a point on AB and N is a point on BC. If AP=3 cms, PB=4 cms, CN=x cmx and PN=y cms, show that

7. Two dices are cast together. Find the probability of the two digit number formed with the numbers turning up on their faces is a multiple of 7 or 5.

8. Prove that

9. If cosec A = √2, show that

10. Find the equation of the line through the point of intersection of the lines 2x+y-5 = 0, x+y-3 = 0 and bisecting the line segment joining the points (3,-2) and (-5,6).

11. Find the circumcenter of the triangle whose vertices are A(4,2), B(3,1), and C(3,3).

12. Find the equation of the line passing through (-3,10) and making intrcepts a,b on the X, Y axis respectively whose sum is 8.

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