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Middle School Mathematics - X

1. Two palnes are parallel or intersect in a ______________.

2. Two lines are either parallel or intersect in a _____________.

3. The number of lines that can be drawn to pass through two different points in a plane is ___________.

4. An angle is 4/5 of its supplement. What is its magnitude?

5. An angle is 2/3 of its complement. What is its magnitude?

6. State true or false:-
(a) A triangle cannot have more than one obtuse angle.
(b) A triangle cannot have more than one right angle.
(c) A triangle can be constructed whose angles are 60°, 65°, and 70°.
(d) Only one line can be drawn through a given point.
(e) Only one line can be drawn through two given points.

7. A rectangular hall is 16 m long and 12 m wide. How many marble slabs 25 cm x 15 cm are needed to cover the floor of the hall?

8. Find the least number of 5 digits which is divisible by 15, 35, 42, and 56.

9. Find the value of x²+y²+z²+2xyz-ab when x=1, y=-1, z=2, a=-2, and b=3.

10. A vendor bought 35 dozen oranges at $27 per dozen and his overhead expenses were #30. He sold them at $3.25 each. Find his gain or loss percent.

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