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Middle School Mathematics - V

1. Of three numbers, the first is thrice the second and the second is four times the third. If the sum of the three numbers is 255, find the numbers.

2. A man is four times as old as his son. Twenty years hence, he will be just twice as old as his son. Find their present ages.

3. The length of a rectangle is four times its width. If its perimeter is 120 centimeters, find its length and width.

4. 5 years ago, Arnold was thrice as old as his brother. Now the difference between their ages is 16. Find their present ages.

5. The length of a rectangle exceeds its breadth by 7 centimeters. If the perimeter of the rectangle is 126 centimeters, find its dimensions.

6. A number consists of two digits whose sum is 9. If 45 is added to the number, the digits are reversed. Find the number.

7. The difference between two numbers is 18.  If four times the smaller is less than three times the larger by 18, find the numbers.

8. A number consists of two digits whose sum is 8. If 36 is subtracted from the number, the digits are reversed. Find the number.

9. Mary has four times as many 25 Cent coins as she has 50 Cent coins. If she has 7½ Dollar in all, how many 50 Cent coins does she have?

10. Find the value of x in x:7::7:10.

11. A fort had enough food for 120 soldiers for 200 days. After 5 days, 30 soldiers leave the fort. How long will the remaining food last now?

12. If 15 men can dig a trench in 60 days, ow many men will be needed to dig a similar trench in 25 days?

13. 40% of a number is 360. What is 25% of the number?

14. A man sold two chairs at $990 each. On one he gains 10% and on the other he loses 10%. Find the gain or loss in the whole transaction.

15. What money will amount to $174 in 2 years at the rate of 8% per annum simple interest?

16. In how much time will the simple interest on $600 be $300 at 10% per annum?

17. An alloy of tin and copper consists of 20 parts of tin and 100 parts of copper. Find the percentage of tin in the alloy.

18. In an isosceles right triangle  ABC, right angle is at B. Find the other two angles.

19. The three angles of a triangle are 4x, 5x, and 6x. Find the angles.

20. The three angles of a triangle are (2x-4), (3x-5), and (7x-3). Find the angles.

21. The three angles of a quadrilateral are 78°, 105°, and 120°. Find the fourth angle.

22. Which of the following are Pythogorean triplets?
(a) 12, 16, 20   (b) 9, 12, 15   (c) 10, 12, 34   (d) 14, 28, 50   (e) 21, 72, 75

23. In a parallelogram ABCD, angle B = (3x+10)°, angle D= (4x-25)°. Find the value of x.

24. The four angles of a quadrilateral are in the ratio 2:3:5:8. Find the angles.

25. The three angles of a quadrilateral are 54°, 80°, and 116°. Find the fourth angle.

26. The perimeter of a square is 120 meters. Find its area and also the length of its diagonal.

27. A playground is 100 meters long and 70 meters broad. How much distance does a girl run when she runs 5 times around the playground?

28. When two dice are thrown, how many outcomes are there?

29. What is the value of


30. What is the value of


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