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#1 2007-11-22 04:39:01

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Probably Useless Infinite Sum

I just found this at the bottom of a drawer. It works for x ∈ N
Basically it takes a natural number and turns it into a corresponding decimal such that:
f(12345) = 0.12345

I'm using "mod" in the general computer sense here. I'm defining it as:

This was part of some fooling around a friend and I did about 2 years ago where we mused about what various Natural Number series would look like if they were between 0 and 1. I think we were having drinks in the Student Union at the time hmm. Anyway, we used a computer and just stuck "0." in front of the numbers before rearranging them by their new magnitudes.

Another student joked that treating numbers like character strings wasn't very Mathematical. In rebuttal, we devised this as what we were actually doing to the number. I'm not so sure using Ceiling and Floor functions are entirely 'mathematical' either, but what the heck.

Anyone else have anything lying around that they haven't touched in years?

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