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#1 2005-06-20 05:42:10

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can someone help me solve this riddle?

i have this math eztra credit problem due tommorrow, and i cant figure it out
would someone help me.
i have listed it below:

In the Art Gallery is a new conceptual art piece. The artist created a huge pile different paintings; periodically he picks up one of the paintings and hangs it on the wall, and adjusts it.

At 11:00, the painting titled "Number 30" was hung.

At 4:00, the painting titled "Number 240" was hung.

At 7:30, the painting titled "Number 315" was hung.

What painting will the artist hang on the wall at 9:20?

if anyone can figure it out they will be my hero

Thank you so much!!!


#2 2005-06-20 09:27:08

im really bored
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Re: can someone help me solve this riddle?

Umm just to let you konw this problem was already posted a few days ago under the name of  "I have a conundrum", the answer is there.


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