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Percentages Vol.I

1. A basket contains 350 eggs. If 12% of the eggs are rotten, find the nmber of eggs, good enough to be sold.

2. An employee saves 12% of his salary. If he receives $7350 per month as salary, find his monthly expenditure.

3. A man spends 92% of his monthly income. If he saves $550 per month, what is his monthly income?

4. 15% of the workers in a factory are females and the number of male workers is 272. Find the total number of workers in the factory.

5. In a sale, the seller reduces the price by 16%. If the reduced price of a pair of shoes is $277.20, find its original price.

6. The salary of a clerk was increased by 7%. If his present salary is $6077.60, what was it before the increment?

7. In an examination 96% of the candidates passed and 50 failed. How many candidates appeared?

8. In a school there are 536 boys and 33 1/3% of the students are girls. Find the number of gils.

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Re: Percentages Vol.I

1. 308 eggs

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