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#1 2007-04-22 18:03:57

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OK, here's the first chapter of Rocky Rambles- Prehistoric Time Travel to understand what I mean, go to Members Only and you'll see a thread titled, 'Rocky Rambles'. Please read that before you read this. And please be aware the first chapter is very long. May as well get straight to it:

The mountain, topped with snow and ice, dominated the whole western sky. An ankle-deep stream was forming from the melting glacier, the water icy cold. Tangled, old and worn trees lay at crazy angles. Slippery patches of mud were dotted around randomly. And ferocious dinosaurs roamed the shadowed forest, waiting for the next hatchling or animal. The tiny stream that ran down the mountain trickled down. And a shadowed figure wearing a cloak went down the stream.

The shadowed figure lifted the hood away, to reveal a red, scraggish part-dog human. It had travelled from around the year 5637 and was trying to capture and kill a dinosaur. The growl of wolves and a female T-Rex was heard further away, around the sandy desert plains. The human went by Simpree, and she was at the footpaths of the towering mountain. Simpree saw a small cave containing a Stegosaurus nest, and she made sure none of the massive, hulking creatures saw her.

Simpree wrapped her legs and tail around the nest, and picked up the last remaining egg and sucked out the contents. The others had been raided, there was a scattering of broken eggshell. The scorching African sun was hidden by a few wisps of white clouds. Apart from that, the rest of the sky was bright blue and cloudless. Simpree finished the small meal of a Stegosaurus egg, grabbed her rugged staff and struggled out of the cave. Big mistake.

The mother Stegosaurus, once a herbivore, had seen Simpree eating the last of her children away and decided to eat the scraggy wolf-like human. It roared and beated the dusty ground, a signal to make Simpree run as fast as she could into the tangles of trees. Simpree remembered she had to catch a carnivore, and big game lived on the plains and desert. Maybe I could find a river and catch one of those prehistoric sharks, she thought as she struggled out of the forest. Hatchling dinosaurs who had lost their mothers kept to the shadows of the forest, but adult dinosaurs had to roam the plain.

“Right,” Simpree got out her massive rucksack and checked the contents, “Where’s that dinosaur-catching kit?” There was many prehistoric tools Early Man used, along with a small kayak building kit. Simpree grabbed the spear, packed everything away and strapped the rucksack onto her back. She spotted a couple of T-Rex enjoying the carcass of a hatchling Allosaurus, but Simpree had spotted a massive male Allosaurus lounging on the other side of the river. She waded through the marshy-like water, and then ran as fast as her legs could carry her.

There was a blinding flash that startled all of the dinosaurs and wolves around the desert and water hole. What Simpree had walked into wasn’t a river, but actually a portal set by time travellers in the year 2222. They had randomly dotted these time portals all around the coarse of history. But the destination was random, you could be at the End Of Time and then end up in the year 1543, when the Tudors had ruled England.

Simpree collapsed onto the slightly sandy floor. There was a water-hole nearby, and a couple of sabre-tooth tigers attacking a baby zebra. The scraggy wolf-like human saw a few figures that looked like apes appear on the horizon, holding spears. On closer inspection, they appeared to be a group of Homo Ergaster, who were hunting for the skin of wolves. Simpree realised she had been transported back to 2,000,000 BC, somewhere in a desert place.

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#2 2007-04-23 18:17:50

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Re: Chapters

Since no-one is replying, I'll install the second chapter:

Darn! I’m supposed to be looking for T-Rex, NOT a couple of half-apes who might want to- OH MY GOD, THEY’RE COMING STRAIGHT AT ME!
The Homo Ergaster group had mistaken Simpree for the local wolves, and began to throw spears and shriek like the natives of an uncharted island. Simpree had experience with angry mobs like this, so she picked up her heals and ran quickly. The sun scorched the back of her head and she spotted a desert oasis, a pocket forest, a village of Homo Ergaster which was a collection of mud and brick huts, and a shadowed figure wearing a cloak as well.

“Hey, Simpree! Need a little help?” The scraggy cat-like human yelled after her. It was Cali, Simpree’s partner when she was time-travelling. Simpree nodded and pointed towards the massive group who was advancing on the wolf-like human. The Homo Ergaster were making simple signs and waves to each other, which meant, “OUTSIDER BAD!” So Cali and Simpree raced across the desert Savannah, sand flying after their feet and the straps of their packs fluttering in the air. They came to a pocket forest, with a load of African trees dotted around. The Homo Ergaster group had already found a wolf, and were now eating the carcass.

“FOOD!” Cali screamed all of a sudden, running across the vast desert. Simpree decided to follow her and they made it to the carcass. A female Homo Ergaster looked daggers at them, and the group of twenty made simple signs and waves again. It must have been how they talked with one another. But the duo were to hungry, and they attacked the carcass and left around half of it for the group. The children grunted and started to tag around with Cali, pulling at the straps of her pack.

“May as well be finding myself a dinosaur now. Do y’know where the nearest portal is?” Simpree asked. “The nearest one’s just behind that Yew Tree. Can’t miss it,” Cali replied, “See ya, pal.”
The two waved goodbye, and Simpree waded through the meat carcass and crowd of Homo Ergaster and stepped into the portal. Cali fell onto the slightly sandy floor and shut her eyes as the blinding flash scared all the Homo Ergaster away into the Savannah.

Simpree fell through a sickening nothingness. She was lying face down on the floor, which was sandy and muddy at the same time. Getting up and brushing the dirt off her, she looked at her surroundings. The scorching African sun was beating down on the stream and boggy marshes, and there was a termite mound in the distance. Trees were scattered around, and the sand and mud gave way to rock. A couple of Homo Habilis were building a mud hut and some were gnawing at bone marrow extracted from the carcass of a zebra. Homo Habilis, eh? Must be 3,000,000 BC at the moment then. I may as well see if any of the guys are around and ask for directions to a portal to take me back to the Dinosaurs period. Oh yeah, the destination in the portal is random, Simpree thought. She heaved herself up and trekked on through the savannah.

A child Homo Habilis mistook her for a zebra, and ran shrieking back to the group. The adults approached Simpree and scanned her up and down, then grunted. Simpree ignored them and continued on; she had to find big T-Rex and Stegosaurus.
“Simpree! Oh my god, are you OK?” A blue-furred, half-wolf human shrieked. It was Nabile, Simpree’s other work partner. They belonged to a company in the year 5637, which sent its employees out over random parts of time. They had been split into groups; some had to bring back specimens of things before the first city or farm, some had to bring back living proof certain things existed, some just to bring back actual people to be interviewed with. Simpree, Cali and Nabile, along with three others, had been sent to random parts of the time between 500,000,000 BC to 7,000 BC.

“Hey, Nabile!” Simpree and her friend greeted each other, “Do y’know where the nearest portal is? I need to get to 77,777,777 BC as quick as possible. Meh, there’s this big T-Rex that I need to capture. Boss will kill me if I don’t arrive back in time, ya know.”

"Reality leaves a lot to the imagination," ~ John Lennon


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