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#1 2005-05-11 16:36:11

ali feat ruza

hey hey hey

i rok the hippi world and so does ruza just not as much as me i look gewd on tv i am soooo hot and upmyself. i luv sum1 who in sexc and hot hot hot rose is kewl i luv math ruza ants to marry math cos she is desperate but i am not desperate cos i am loved by every 1 who meats mi i kno i am up myself but it is al tru lol i wish i could hange this ritin it is borin cos it is stoopid and mi and ruza r bored any way i gtg ok baai bai mwahz

#2 2005-05-11 17:27:48

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Re: hey hey hey

And thanks for dropping by ...

"The physicists defer only to mathematicians, and the mathematicians defer only to God ..."  - Leon M. Lederman


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