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#1 2006-09-24 04:46:04

Registered: 2006-09-24
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tower of hanoi

can anyone out there help me get the picture & game of tower of hanoi, i have openned the web site but unable to get this game, NOT even a picture of the tower. Any suggestions my daughter will be very pleased if you can help !!!.



#2 2006-09-24 04:57:22

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Re: tower of hanoi

um i cant remmeber i havent done that for ages. mostly cause its easy lol and because i havethe worst memory

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#3 2006-09-24 05:33:09

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Re: tower of hanoi

Could you maybe tell us if there was some kind error message? My guess is that you don't have the java engine installed on your computer. You can get it here:

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#4 2006-09-24 09:46:46

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Re: tower of hanoi

I think you are right, Patrick. Hanoi is a java applet.

So, Hart, download and install java on your PC, and the game should run smile

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