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#1 2006-09-18 11:41:14

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Online Maths Quiz For Young Children / Student

smile Practice "Maths" Perfect (pun intended!) is a simple maths quiz for children or students aged 4 to 9. Our affordable, interactive online program will help them to sharpen their maths skills and boost their speed in calculation and solving problem sums. The problem sums strictly follow the Ministry of Education's Primary School syllabus (Pr 1 - Pr 3). Our program focuses on maths fundamentals (calculations) and intensive practice on problem sums. As such, we do not provide assessment or exam papers as these services are widely available in the market. Furthermore, this will make our program relevant to all young children and students worldwide.  big_smile

This program can make classroom lessons fun and enjoyable; students will definitely love to practise their maths using our interactive program.   wink

We hope this program will help your child/student to love Maths, and at the same time, acquaint them with computers.  cool
Please visit: tongue

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#2 2006-09-18 14:22:21

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Re: Online Maths Quiz For Young Children / Student

Thanks, ruby. You have some good stuff there!


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