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#1 2006-08-15 12:37:18

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I am having trouble with this word problem. I have read it over many times and am very confused. Can someone please help me?   

The production cost of a job depends in part on the accuracy required. On most sheet metal jobs, an accuracy of 1,2, or 0.1 mils is required. A mil is  (1/1000), (2/1000), or (1/10,000) inch larger or smaller than the blueprint states. Industrial jobs often require a higher degree of accuracy.

a. Write inequalities that moels the possible dimensions of a part that is supposed to be 8 inches by 4.25 inches if the accuracy required is 2 mils.

b. Graph the region that shows the satifactory dimensions for the part.

I appreicate any help you can give me

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#2 2006-08-18 14:36:47

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Re: Precalc

What confuses me is this: "A mil is  (1/1000), (2/1000), or (1/10,000) inch larger or smaller than the blueprint states." Which of the three is it?

Regardless, the inequalities are easy. Remember that 1/1000 is 0.001, and 1/10,000 is 0.0001. Assuming a mil is  1/1000 and not either of the other two, then an accuracy of 2 mils would be:
w: 7.998 in. < 8.002 in.
h: 4.248 in. < 4.252 in.

For the graph...urk. What a silly thing to ask for. I'm sorry you have to do it; you have my pity.

Edit: fix programming inequality comparison. I've been doing too much programming lately.

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#3 2006-08-19 04:06:11

John E. Franklin
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Re: Precalc

2 mils is 2 thousandth of an inch.
1 mil is 1 thousandth of an inch.
0.1 mils is 1 ten thousandth of an inch.

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