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The Time

Basic Time Exercises

These excercises are based mainly on time. Not a hard subject, but it can be a weak area as careless mistakes on time are usually made in exams. Remember to have fun! smile

1. What is 'Twelve o'clock' in figures?
2. What is the name for 'Twelve o'clock'?
3. Explain the difference between AM and PM.
4. At what time is midnight? Give your answer in AM or PM.
5. How many weeks are there in a fortnight?
6. What century was the year '1847'?
7. How many days are there in 4 leap years?
8. When will the next leap year be?
9. How many decades are there until the year 3000? Give your answer as a whole number.
10. The time is 'Twelve thirty'. What is the angle between both hands, clockwise?
11. Claire watches a TV program at 17:30. Apparently, it is delayed and she has to wait until 17:33 for it to start. How many:
a. Minutes are there between the two times?
b. Seconds are there between the two times?
c. Milliseconds between the two times?
12. What is the difference between a twelve-hour clock and a twenty-four hour clock?
13. A train is supposed to leave at 17:45. It is delayed for 17 minutes. It's journey is 2 hours and 39 minutes long. At what time will it arrive at its destination?
14. A watch is 31 minutes fast. The watch displays 00:28. What is the real time?
15. A watch is 19 minutes and 54 seconds slow. The watch displays 23:59 and 59 seconds. What is the real time?

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