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#1 2006-07-17 19:22:18

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Measure Exercises

Some of these questions are based on some of the measurements you will probably use and see everyday. The measurements used in the first ten questions are mm, cm, m, km, g, mg, cl, l, gallons, ft, miles, pints.

1. Which units would you use to describe the length of a hockey pitch - mm, cm, m, or km?
2. Which units would you use to describe the distance from Glasgow to London - mm, cm, m, or km?

In questions 3-8, convert the quantities to the given units.

3. 58km = ?m
4. 2400mg = ?g
5. 168cl = ?l
6. 25 gallons = ?l
7. 122cm = ?ft.
8. 40km = ?miles
9. The width of one cassette case is 17mm. How many cassettes will fit on a shelf of length 34cm?
10. Allens Kwikshop offers 2 litres of milk for 89p. Baker's Latestore offers 4 pints of milk for 89p. Which shop offers the best price?

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#2 2006-10-11 18:06:42

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Re: Measures

A car drives 66 km/h down the freeway. What is this speed
11. in m/min?
13. in cm/sec?

Sarah is baking a cake. She got the recipe off the internet, and says the cake needs 7/9kg flour, 5/8kg brown sugar and 1/20kg cocoa powder. Her measuring cup reads in milligrams. She is also going to half the recipe. How much of each should she measure out, in milligrams?


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