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#1 2006-07-17 07:54:20

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Basic Percentages

Basic Percentages Exercises

Here you'll find quite a few percentage questions - Some of them quite easy. All in all, a good warm-up for the brain.

1. A washing machine sells for £240 after a discount of 20 % on its original price. Find the original price.
2. The price of a bicycle increases by 10 % to £198. Find the price before the increase.
3. A new car falls in value by 25 % in a year. After a year it is worth £ 9 600. Find the price of the car when it was new.
4. A pack of washing powder is advertised as '20 % extra powder'. If it contains 1.32 kg, what would the original pack contain?
5. A shop sells 300 radios in a year. If this is an increase of 50 % on sales the previous year, how many radios were sold the year before?
6. A large company says it has increased the number of people it employs by 35 % to 3240. How many people did it employ before the increase?
7. A car salesman is paid a commission on sales of 3 %. How much will he earn if he sells a car for £12950?
8. The value of a car bought for £12500 falls by 15 % in a year. What is the new value?
9. Marian earns £ 16 500 a year. If she gets a pay rise of 4 %, how much will the increase be?
10. A computer costs £ 1,200. In a year its value falls by 35 %. What is it worth after a year?

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#2 2006-07-24 23:16:57

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Re: Basic Percentages

Pls. send me a n article about the types of percentage, or anything about computations of Base, Rate, Percent and percentage. I need it very badly for my discussion tommorow in our seminar. Thanks a lot


#3 2006-07-25 06:28:48

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Re: Basic Percentages - Some good explanations.

The questions are still hanging in the air, BTW!


#4 2006-12-15 04:19:02

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Re: Basic Percentages

Percentage Theory

11. What is a percentage Type 1 question?
12. What is a percentage Type 2 question?
13. What is a percentage Type 3 question?
14. State which of the above percentage type is the most complex.
15. State which of the above percentage type is the most basic.

Percentage Theory Put Into Practice

16. A trader buys watches for £5 and sells them for £7. Find his profit as a percentage.
17. A car depreciates by 30% to £14,350. What was it worth before?
18. Find the percentage error in rounding 3.452 to 3.5. Give your answer to 2 decimal places.

More Pecentage Theory

19. What is the percentage change formula?
20. If a house inreases in value by 20% to £72,000, how would I go about finding what it was worth before the rise if I didn't know already?



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