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#1 2006-05-11 04:03:42

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I know this sounds stupid but I have forgotten how to calculate estimated numbers.

I have a monthly total and want to estimate over 3 months

The formula I have used is divided 3 months by the Total months figures


month total of 85/3 = 28.3

Is this correct

Many thanks


#2 2006-05-11 04:09:16

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Re: Estimate

So is the sum of the three months totals 85 (for example 20+30+35), and you wonna find the average total per month? If that's what you want to do, then yes.. This should be in the help me section btw..

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#3 2006-05-11 09:50:09

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Re: Estimate

We aren't entirely clear on your question, but I will answer this line:

Lyndamurphy wrote:

I have a monthly total and want to estimate over 3 months

If you have just one month and want to estimate for 3 months, the easiest way is to multiply by 3.

Example: April=60, so April, May and June together can be estimated to be 60×3=180

More accurately you would consider the number of days in each month. Since April has 30, May has 31, and June has 30, you would calculate as follows: Daily Average in April = 60/30 = 2, so estimate for the three months = 2×(30+31+30) = 182

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#4 2006-05-11 15:53:52

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Re: Estimate

yes the formula you use is correct
85/3    +85/3    +85/3 =    85
1st mon 2nd mon 3rd mon 3months altogether



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